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Sometimes the bride has difficulty deciding on how to make her wedding ceremony and reception a little more vibrant. With the most popular color schemes for weddings being soft tones it can be a great idea to insert some small pops of color to help the guests remember what a joyous and happy time this is. 



Giving your bridesmaids bright shoes can be great to distinguish them from the bride especially if they are wearing a lighter color similar to the bride’s dress.




By having the majority of your cake a shade of white with one layer and accent color, and even a different texture like the one in this picture, you will have all your guests flocking to the cake table to check out the dessert.



(photo courtesy of Shop Ruche)

A statement necklace, or bracelet, can be the perfect accessory that guarantees all eyes are drawn to the bride. 



(photo courtesy of Rainbow & Super Colorful Weddings)

Make sure the groom gets some attention too with a fun patterned tie. 



(photo courtesy of Wedding LDS)

Accentuate your colors in photos by using this simple technique. This would be a great ‘Thank You’ note image.




A very creative way to bring color to your wedding is with customized seat cushions. I love this because it will inspire your guests to have a blast at the reception and dance the night away.


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