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It may be difficult to choose a wedding favor that your guests will be excited about receiving but it can definitely be done. Weather it’s delicious, practical, or decorative you can choose an option that everyone will love. 


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Fresh and edible wedding favors are exploding on the wedding scene and they are very popular among guests. Many times food is preferred over a knick-knack because the guests don’t need extra clutter on their shelves despite its sentimental meaning. 


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A plant or seeds can be a great wedding favor. I love the idea of planting strawberries because it’s practical and the couple will be thought of whenever their wedding guests enjoy the fruits of the plant.



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A tote bag can be a great favor but maybe for a small wedding. It could get expensive quick. The guest can use this bag in any way they need it; a beach bag, reusable shopping bag, overnight bag, or whatever else they want. 



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I love the display of these wedding favors. You could fill the jars with jam, jelly, candles, or candies. They look homemade which shows the guest how much you appreciate them helping you and your significant other celebrate your love.



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This is definitely a practical wedding favor with a cute little slogan to remind the guests that the love of the newlyweds started with just a spark.


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A wedding favor is a token of appreciation from the couple to the guests that have attended their special day. Today, people often expect to take something home when they attend a wedding. Favors are difficult to choose because finding one gift that everyone will like is hard and of course, it must stay within the budget. For a favor that all ages can enjoy, try edible favors.  Edible favors are always a hit and they can really tie together the overall wedding theme. Personalizing these treats give that extra touch. Virtually anything can be personalized in today’s world, the most commonly seen are mint tins, candy bars, lollipops and cookies. However, for those who want a unique favor, here are a couple of ideas to really get your guests talking. 

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Most people have heard of personalizing M&Ms, however, not many link them to a wedding favor idea. M&M advertisements have been featured in many bridal magazines. First, they allow you to choose the colors to match your color scheme. Names of the wedding couple and the date of their special day can be personalized onto these candies. Also, phrases such as love, together forever and just married can be included, just to name a few. Also, the website allows you to upload picture or two. The picture of the faces of the bride and groom creates a one of a kind touch. Along with phrases and pictures, there is an wedding themed collection of clip art that can also be placed on the candy, including champagne glasses, rings, and hearts.

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Finally, to “wrap” things up, packaging and ribbons can be ordered to complete the wedding favors. As an alternative, the candies can be ordered in bulk and then the packaging can be DIY for a cheaper price.  Either way, personalized M&Ms are a universal favorite, so no matter what design you choose, guests will love them!  

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Another unique idea is having fortune cookies as the wedding favor. Who doesn’t love fortune cookies after they order chinese food? Instead of having the regular fortune cookies, consider having them colored, flavored, and with your own message inside! Many places, such as fancyfortunecookies.com provide such deals for weddings. They have many color combinations to match your wedding scheme, including white and black cookies symbolizing the bride and groom. They also have flavors to choose from ranging from orange, coconut, mint and green apple to raspberry, cherry, lemon and cappuccino. Once the color and flavor combination is decided, now what to put inside them? Instead of having a fortune waiting inside for your guests, try a personalized thank you with the bride and grooms name and wedding date. Some opt to have romantic phrases and quotes such as “love is friendship on fire” or “with this ring, I thee wed.” Couples also choose to put funny messages inside to show their flair and personality. Whichever way you customize, these cute favors will be sure to start up some conversation and impress your guests as they leave.

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Unique edible favors do not have to be a headache or a budget buster. Many websites have great deals for ordering in bulk. Having a fabulous wedding favor will really tie together the entire night and guests will be sure to be leaving with a smile on their faces. 

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