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While many brides pine and worry about small details on the front of their dress they forget about the world of extravagant possibilities that they could house on the back of the dress as well. It is more difficult to find a dress with a detailed back but if you are getting your dress made I would most definitely give thought to adorning the back as well. Everyone will be looking at your back during the ceremony so why not give them something beautiful to envy. 



(photo courtesy of Indulgy)

The beads and jewels in this dress are so elegant because it almost looks like they are attached to the bride herself, reflecting her beauty, as opposed to part of her dress. 



(photo courtesy of Northern DG Belle)

A style like this may be more available and easier to find than the previous while still reflecting the brides beauty and grace. 


ImageThis vintage styled dress is great because the lace offers some coverage for the more conservative bride while still showing off her back. 



(photo courtesy of Sweet Heart Gowns)

A simple cut like this can still awe the guests and show the natural beauty of the bride.



(photo courtesy of Wedding Idea Pins)

This beautiful beading right down the center of the bride’s back provides a sophistication that seems to be unmatched. 


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