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The groom does not have as many difficult decisions regarding his outfit as the bride but that doesn’t mean he has to wear a cookie cutter outfit. The boutonniere is a great opportunity to add a creative and personal touch to the grooms wardrobe while staying uniform and elegant. 

ImageThis boutonniere option carries a lot of symbolism as the groom carries the key to the brides heart. If you want to go with something like this you can even have a lock attached to the brides bouquet to further complete the sentiment. 


ImageYou can have a boutonniere that has a floral essence without directly using flowers. A great idea if the groom has allergies or you want a more masculine, stylish boutonniere. 



(photo courtesy of Charlotte Geary Photography)

When very important people cannot be at the wedding because they are departed many times you want to have some sort of token of theirs to remind you they are in attendance even if you don’t see them. This can be that token. Made out of a favorite shirt, tie, dress, or any other cloth you can ensure that your loved one is close to your heart on this important day. 


ImageBroaches are becoming a popular boutonniere choice of many men because of their elegance, simplicity, and versatility. 



(photo courtesy of Shannon Eileen Blog)

A very creative and personal approach to the boutonniere is to hand make a token symbolizing a favorite activity of the groom.



(photo courtesy of The Mind Canvas)

Don’t be afraid of color when choosing or designing a boutonniere. It is only a small aspect of the grooms wardrobe so it won’t be too distracting to have a bold trinket on his lapel. 





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