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Destination weddings remain extremely popular because they are exotic and provide a vacation for the newlyweds as well as the guests. The bride and groom can choose their favorite location, the one that gives them the most joy and comfort, to marry the love of their life. They also give insight to the guests as to their style, personality, and preferences by letting them see their preferred place of peace. 


(photo courtesy of Deanie Michelle Events)

Scenery is one of the main positives to having a destination wedding. You get something that easily sets the mood and tone of the wedding that is impossible to get in your own home town and that can make or break your wedding.



(photo courtesy of Destination Wedding Mag)

Most destination weddings take the guests to a tropical paradise complete with white sand beaches, crystal blue water, and mini umbrellas in every drink.



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Don’t feel like you have to stick with the setting of a beach for your destination wedding. If you and your significant other are more interested in other landscapes embrace that instead. It’s your wedding so make it what you love.



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One thing to take into consideration is how much your guests have gone through in order to attend your destination wedding. Travel costs, hotels, and even passports costs may be present and they will add up fast to your guests. Show your appreciation of their commitment to be there on your special day with Welcome Bags complete with things they may need in this faraway place.



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Because the cost can be great to your guests, it is often recommended to have only the most important people attending your wedding. If you aren’t willing to make the effort to go to a coworker’s destination wedding they probably feel the same way so a wedding announcement may be a better route.



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A destination wedding is a great opportunity to have fun with your dress. A shorter dress can be more appropriate than a bigger ballgown in this case so have fun with it. 


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