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On your wedding day your groom will be excited, anxious, and probably nervous. Ease his worries and make him remember everything he loves about you by sending him a little present on your wedding morning. 


ImageVery cute. This can be something your groom treasures for the rest of his life and the heart-filled message adds something extra special. 



(photo courtesy of Emmaline Bride)

Warm up his cold feel with a stylish pair of socks that will go perfectly with his tuxedo.



Perfect for the musically inclined groom, personalize a guitar pick as an aid in playing or  even a key chain.


ImageLet his imagination wander with a photo teaser of the night to come. Make sure you label the photos for his eyes only.


ImageSomething else he can use to complete his wardrobe are personalized cuff links that he can treasure on every special occasion. 





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One place that can easily be under utilized but most guests pay a visit to is the gift table. It is often just a table with a cloth and maybe the wedding colors as highlights. Personally, I have been disappointed by the setup in weddings I’ve attended in the past. Even though the guests don’t spend much time at this table, they will take notice if you give it a little attention. 

The Rustic Couple

ImageThis is such an original way to collect cards from the guests and perfect for the couple that likes to spend most of their time outdoors. It will definitely never be forgotten by the friends and family attending the wedding. Photo courtesy of Offbeat Bride.



If the bride or groom’s childhood bike just so happened to have a basket, or if they find a basket that could attach to their bike, this could be such a memorable personal touch at the reception. Photo courtesy of Creative Design Events. 



The mailbox card box can also add a sense of nostalgia if the couple choose to use a mailbox from their childhood home. Or it could symbolize the beginning of the newlyweds life together if they decide to use this mailbox at their new house. Photo courtesy of Wedding Gawker.

The Modern Couple


This card box is clean, simple, and modern. It can be made out of any size or shape box and personalized with colored cloth to match the rest of the reception theme. Photo courtesy of Esty.com.

ImageThis card box is a direct reflection of the intention of the cards; a gift to the bride and groom placed in a present-like box. This choice can be made to look modern and elegant or fun and whimsical depending on the style and desire of the couple. Photo courtesy of Project Wedding.

The Creative Couple



An old trunk can be painted to look like new and is a perfect alternative to a gift table. The guests can place wrapped gifts directly in the trunk. To avoid crushing cards with the larger gifts the couple can place a basket or shelf intended for envelopes. Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty. 



Bird cages are a very cute way to collect cards and add a touch of elegance to any gift table. They can be detailed or simple to reflect the style of the couple. Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty. 



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