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The lovely ladies you chose to be your bridesmaids are the girls that have always been by your side. You want to make sure you have the perfect photo with them on your special day that shows their personality and how much they mean to you. 



(photo courtesy of Indulgy)

This photo is a clear representation of the bridesmaids always having the bride’s back, during good times and bad. The black and white style reflect on the timeless aspect of each friendship. 



This is such a cute photo for an outdoor wedding or even just a summer event. 



(photo courtesy of Jo Photo)

Showing off the bridesmaid’s dresses, shoes, and personalities are definitely a must in any wedding photo shoot. 



(photo courtesy of Story Board Wedding)

Another great idea is to remember how the friendship between the bride and her girls started, or how long the they have been friends. 



(photo courtesy of Love This Pic)

A little more chic and serious, a shoot like this can be used to intensify the pictures and give them a dramatic edge. 




This photo shows how comfortable all the girls are together, which is really important as well. Some of these friendships will last a lifetime and it’s important to remember that.


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Whether you’re naturally comfortable in front of a crowd or not, giving a wedding toast is always a bit of a boot shaker. Not only do you have to stand up in front of a decent crowd, but you’re also expected to be sentimental and/or funny without crossing the line into Tackyville. It’s a tough moment for everyone.

But I promise you it doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are a few tips to make giving a wedding toast at least a little bit easier.

1. Decide how you feel about the couple

Most people go one of two ways with their toasts – the funny route or the sentimental route. Both of these can be dangerous territory, so decide early on which you would rather take and which matches the couple’s style. This way, you’ll be able to fine-tune it in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

2. Write it down

Although you shouldn’t read directly from your notes, it’s good to have them there for reference. You’ll likely be very nervous (or even tipsy).

3. Stay calm

Take a deep breath before you stand up. Don’t worry about disappointing the couple or embarrassing yourself in front of the group. There’s always a way to save yourself in any situation and you should have practiced enough to not have to worry about it.

4. Be yourself

There’s no need to try hard to impress everyone – this will only come off as disingenuous. Don’t struggle to crack jokes if they’re not naturally coming to you.

5. Keep it short

Introduce yourself, explain how you know the couple, tell a charming or funny story and close on a happy note. There will likely be several toasts and you’ll need to keep the attention of the crowd. Do everyone a favor by making your toast impactful within 3-5 minutes.

6. Be personal

Be genuine. You are giving a toast because you are close with the couple. Show their guests how much you cherish your relationship with them.

7. Share a great story

Along the lines of being personal, everyone wants to hear a good story about the bride and groom. Tell the crowd how you first knew they were in love or a funny story about your first double date with them.

8. Don’t embarrass the couple

Stories about the groom falling down when trying to impress the bride are funny; stories about the groom’s exes or bachelor party in Vegas are not. Be respectful of the event and the couple.

9. Keep it PG

Things are certain to get rowdy after the guests have a few drinks, but keep it tasteful when giving your toast. Children and grandparents will likely be in the audience. If you can make a smooth innuendo that the couple will appreciate, slip it in; if not, it’s not the end of the world.

10. Wish them well

Your toast should end on a happy and hopeful note. Offer them personal advice for the future or pull inspiration from literature – whatever will leave them feeling thankful for your words. The final gesture should be raising your glass to them.

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When it comes to televised weddings, it’s safe to say Kim Kardashian’s was one of the finest and most watched. With approximately 10.5 million sets of eyes on Kim as she walked down the aisle, viewers ooh’d and ahh’d over every detail. While some were watching to see if the relationship was true, others wanted to see what a $20 million wedding looked like. I, like many of you, tuned in to see the venue, the decor, the dresses – everything we drool over in the wedding industry.

If you fell in love with Kim’s wedding style, as most of us did, we have great news for you. Imitating it is easy and you can do it within your predetermined budget! Let’s get started.

The Glamorous Decor

If you know anything about the Kardashian’s style, you know they love the glamorous and dramatic appeal of black. When done right, black instantly adds drama and ups the ante. In weddings, however, black is traditionally not incorporated into the colors. Don’t let this stop you. As you can see, Kim Kardashian effectively mixed black and white to create a glamorous scene.


Kim got it right by beginning the evening with a white ceremony. Though she didn’t completely do away with black, as you can see in the aisle runner and chair coverings, she did want to emphasize the traditionally virginal and pure elements of the ceremony. White was everywhere in the decor, from the chairs and aisle runner to the curtains and flowers. Kim didn’t stop there, however.


When it came to the reception, Kim made it clear her wedding was gigantic and glamorous. Strong, black chairs, table settings and framed mirrors were everywhere. To create even more drama, Kim’s lush, white centerpieces stood tall over the tables, and countless chandeliers were added. The room absolutely dazzled.


How can you achieve this look?: Adding black elements will instantly add drama. Black chair coverings and table settings are a perfect balance to grand white flowers and chandeliers. Inexpensive chandeliers are quite easy to find and instantly add sparkle while tall mirrors will make your reception room seem larger and brighter.

The Dress (and the other dress. And the other other dress)


Kim was the picturesque fairytale princess walking down the aisle. Her strapless gown showed off her hourglass figure perfectly with its sweetheart neckline, tucked in waist and elaborate skirt. Her jeweled headpiece added to the glamor while her long, traditional veil added drama.


Kim, like any fashionista, opted to wear more than one dress that evening since her traditional, fairytale gown wouldn’t have blended well with the reception’s drama. Her next two dresses, however, matched her decor to a ‘T.’ The first, a halter dress with a deep V on top, allowed her to move around freely with her guests and husband, Kris. The second, a strapless mermaid ensemble, is one of the most dramatic dresses I’ve seen and made the evening more spectacular.


How can you achieve this look?: Since most of us aren’t among Hollywood’s elite, purchasing three dresses can seem over the top for both our wedding and our checkbooks. It doesn’t have to be, though! Many designers offer dresses with removable elements that create different looks. On top of this, changing something as simple as your headpiece, veil and jewelry can have a dramatic effect on your overall look.
If you’re set on having two separate gowns, consider buying cheaply for both. Traditionally, brides splurge on their wedding gown since it’s the only one they’ll have throughout the day. With two dresses, it’s best to lower and split the costs between the dresses. While you’ll want your ceremony dress to be beautiful, you’ll also want to enjoy your reception dress. Deciding one is more important than the other may not leave you completely satisfied.

The Tradition-Breaking Bridesmaids

The top rules of bridesmaid dresses traditionally go something like this: bridesmaids wear your wedding colors and no one wears white except the bride.


Kim completely fought tradition with her bridesmaid dress choices. Each girl was placed in a figure-flattering, strapless mermaid down. These dresses instantly upped the drama and put the bridesmaids on display. While most would argue this move took away from Kim’s own dresses since each bridesmaid looked more like a bride, it added drama and gave the bridal party a cohesive, finished look.

How can you achieve this look?: Putting your bridesmaids in white gowns doesn’t have to be as risky as it sounds. Their dresses can be dramatic to add more to the party or understated so as to leave the spotlight on you. While white bridesmaid dresses may be more difficult to find, it’s possible to find a figure-flattering style for every girl.
And, as always, accessories are a girl’s best friend. If your bridesmaids look too much like you, change their flower bouquets to a different color than yours or remove them entirely.

The Tower Cake


Like everything else at the Kardashian wedding, the cake was huge. The towering black and white creation was dramatic not only for its size, but for its color and detail as well. Unlike the traditional white cake, the Kardashian version contained layers of dramatic black and included fine details on every layer.

How can you achieve this look?: Scaling down this cake will dramatically lower its price even if you hold onto the glamorous black layers and details. If you would rather have a tall cake but don’t have the funds, consider putting a similar faux wedding cake on display and serving a cheaper version to your guests.

What the Guests Wore


For the day of their wedding, Kris and Kim requested their guests be donned in formal black tie attire. Interestingly, most guests shied away from mixing the two colors. Lindsay Lohan, for example, wore a beautiful white gown that resembled a bride’s attire. Kim had the confidence and status to know that her own dresses would not be outdone by those of her guests and instead invited them to join her in the white attire.

How can you achieve this look?: Most women are afraid of stepping on the bride’s toes with their dresses. They typically see black dresses as a bad omen for the joyous day and are afraid of donning the white the bride traditionally wears. It’s up to you to not only request formal black tie, but to also assure the ladies that black and white gowns are accepted on your day.


We’ve offered several ideas to help you emulate Kim Kardashian’s wedding. If you want us to plan your day or need help with finding the items mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact us. Visit our website for more information.

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A gentle breeze blowing, sand beneath your feet and the sun setting slowly over a lapping shore. There are few environments more calming and romantic for a bride, groom and the people they choose to spend their special day with.

Here at My Wedding Bag, we like to think we know a little something about beach weddings. We are, after all, based in Virginia Beach. To help you on your blissful day, we’ve compiled the list of five must-have elements for an evening, beach wedding.

1. The lighting

With so much natural light, beach brides won’t need much for the ceremony. The sun disappearing on the horizon, however, is the perfect opportunity to bring the romantic lighting in for the reception. Candles are a staple of romantic weddings and are even more appropriate at the beach, where their soft light can flicker in the wind. For a more chic, classic feel, lanterns are the way to go. And for a relaxed atmosphere, strung up lights between tents or poles are just right.

2. The drinks

Nothing signals summer’s arrival like fresh fruit. While fruit will likely be incorporated into the dinner hour, fruity drinks are a great way to cool down your guests and get them relaxed for the evening. Cherry limeades, melon martinis, margaritas, mojitos and sangria all have their place on the shore. For the non-alcoholic option, seltzer with a lemon or lime on the side is a cute alternative. And of course, you can’t forget the buckets of ice and bottled beers!

3. The colors

Pulling inspiration from the environment is the perfect way to begin choosing colors. While many brides opt for bright colors during the day, an evening beach wedding is made most chic by muted colors. Beige is a recurring color due to its easy, romantic feel and soft pinks add a feminine touch to the party. Most grooms and groomsmen are seen donning khakis while the bridal party brings out the feminine pink.

4. The party

The dinner hour is when brides can really show off their love for the beach. Sea shells and coral make for beautiful, natural centerpieces and seafood is the obvious menu choice. Thoughtfully packaged items like sand dollars and scented candles send off guests with a nautical touch that’s easy on the bride and groom’s budget. And, of course, what’s a beach party without a giant bonfire to dance around?

5. The dress

And of course, there’s the dress. A bride’s fashion sets the tone for the entire wedding and this is never more true than for a beach wedding. Billowy dresses with long veils are an absolute necessity at a beach wedding. The easy-going strapless gowns never get old, especially when blowing in the wind during the ceremony and photo session.

What do you like most about beach weddings? Are you planning one in the future?


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